Living here on planet Earth, we are enmeshed in a vast network of systems both mechanical and organic in nature which all together create the only known biosphere in the universe.  Knowledge of the individual elements within this vast network of systems spans millennia and often fills entire libraries on their subject matters, but the networks and systems themselves are often left to the footnotes and afterthoughts of those same libraries.

The thing is, though, that without the support and the resources provided by the diversity of structures being built, maintained, and managed in our world, life wouldn’t have a chance to go further.  Likewise, when people lose sight of the potential they have as a whole and decide they would rather departmentalize others through discrimination and superiority, entire communities suffer.

Inclusion is the best way to promote biodiversity and the health of our human systems.  The foundations, structures, and circuitry provided by organic organization help to provide opportunities and insulation that would otherwise be unknown.  diversity structures


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