New Perspectives: Events vs Processes

We’ve all been there.  Heading into the kitchen, maybe for some late night snack of ice cream.  You check the fridge, pull the ice cream (or whatever food you’re fancying tonight) out, set it on the counter, reach for a bowl or a spoon or a fork/knife/spatula of some sort…only to find that there are no clean dishes in the drawer or cupboard to satisfy your late-night snack needs.

I’ve known people who would simply find whatever stick-type instrument they could discover in their kitchens that might allow for transport of ice cream from container to mouth and settle for the sloppiness of whatever came from those antics.  I’ve experienced times when the effort was just too much to take and have gone to bed without that precious snack.  I’ve also encountered a few people, I won’t name any names, who would simply use their fingers….damn the cold and the mess…to dig the ice cream out and shovel it into their mouths.  But what does this say about the state of dishes in Maryland?

When language, like English, has phrases like “I’m doing the dishes” or “go do the dishes”, we tend to think of dishwashing as some sort of event.  It’s something that takes place and is “done”.  But without understanding how the cycle of clean to dirty to clean dishes works, the process of doing dishes becomes lost to the English speaking ear.

Work isn’t just some thing that we do, but it is a process that we keep doing over and over and over again to make sure things stay in their expected cycles.  As much as anybody would love to believe that doing dishes will stop them from ever getting dirty again….knowing the process gets you to that inevitable conclusion that that won’t ever happen…sigh


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